Euro GP 5-7 July 2008 Notice of Race

The NOR and other paperwork for this meeting are now available. I don’t have a web site that I can post them on, so I have emailed them to all those on the UK Register and to a number of overseas owners who I believe have expressed an interest. This last group almost certainly does not include everyone who has been in touch with Angus about the event. If you have not had an email from me and ant a copy please ask by email.


Hi Russell, can I pass on a recommendation that Angus gave me a year ago. e-mail the Race Instructions and NOR, or a link to them, to the Footy Class Webmaster, Charles Hall, charles.p.hall at and ask him to post them. If you need someone to relay information in the US let me know through this site or by e-mail, I’ll get the word out for you. Thanks for picking things up, I will not be able to make it, but we appreciate your efforts. Paul


Thanks for this. I am in touch with Charles on something else, so he will know what I’m about. I’ll send the NOR etc to him now.