Euro footy gp 2010

I have received the following document from Pawel Dejnak of Poland:

On behalf of all the members of Footy Association in Poland I would like to
invite all fans and active skippers to EURO FOOTY GRAND PRIX 2010, which
will take place in Wroclaw, Poland, , on 10-11th July 2010 (Saturday and Sunday).

We expect over twenty competitors from abroad and the same number from within Poland.

Radio-controlled races will be split into two groups: junior (less then 16 y.o.) and senior (over 16 y.o.). Additionally there will be one demo race for children under 9 y.o.

We would like to take the opportunity to show our guests the most famous and most beautiful places in Wroclaw as well taking them to places where delicious traditional food is served.

We have made provisional room reservations for all our guests at a small, quiet hotel of a very good standard with excellent food. The cost of a single room is 220-180 PLN (approx 45-37 GBP), double: 260 PLN (GBP 54). These prices include breakfast and supper. All visitors are kindly requested to make full reservations on-line at by 5th March 2010 (deadline). It is very important that you include the password: FOOTY in the reservation form.

Finally we kindly we would be glad if you could pass this info onto all your colleagues and any other interested parties.

We will be sending you more details as soon as possible.

Your sincerely
Pawel Dejnak

(translation by Krzysztof Litwicki, edited by Angus Richardson - thanks! ;o)

When they appeared in Birkenhead for EUROFOOTY GP 2009, the Poles were tremendous fun. I gather there is a strong likelihood of entries from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic – as well as the ‘usual’ places. Put on your biggest and bestest boots and get there!

Just to help you on your way, from Britain the most appropriate destination airports in Poland are Wroclaw and Krakow. For airlines, look at Ryanair , Easyjet and Wizz .

Remember that with no frills airlines all tickets are singles. You do not have to return from (or to) the same airport as on your way out. You don’t even have to use the same the airline.


On behalf of all the members of Footy Association in Poland we would like to REMIND all fans and Footy skippers that provisional room reservation expired by 5th March 2010. We kindle request to make full reservation on line at: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It is very important that you include the password: FOOTY in the reservation form.
The cost of a single room is 220-180 PLN (approx 45-37 GBP), double: 260 PLN (GBP 54).
These prices include breakfast and supper.

See you in Poland.
Pawel Dejnak & Krzysztof Litwicki

Is there a notice of race available?
We would like to come from Romania with 3 or 4 boats.

Gyula Ferencz

Ahoy Romania!!! :slight_smile:

We are working hard for this. I have hope that it will be really soon, but if you (or anyone interested arrival) would ask for other details - I will be happy to answer as best I can (although with the help of Google Translator :slight_smile: )

We warmly welcome you to Wroclaw!
Pawel Dejnak

My wife’s colleague is a teacher from Romania, she also excellent speaking English and Polish.
I will now try to convince them that it was with us at the nearest Euro Footy GP :slight_smile:

Welcome all!
I would like to give you all the necessary to reach a decision (a good - of course ;o) to participate in European FOOTY competitions in Poland.

Please comments and questions - we will try to answer.
Pawel Dejnak

July 10-11 2010, Wroclaw, Poland

Rules: The regatta will be carried out under the Rules of Occupations, based on the principles applicable in the FOOTY Class Rules (RC & free sailing) as defined in the main IFCA web site - .
The intention throughout is to keep racing informal and fun – but ruthlessly competitive in the nicest sense.

Eligibility: The regatta is open to all boats of the Footy Class whose owners are current members of IFCA and who are properly registered with the Class Rules and who reported the willingness to participate in the contest in an applicable manner. The teams consisting of two captains, who represent a certain country, or a region, or a sponsor, can participate (for example: England I-III, Sweden I-IV, MODELmaniak Team PL, RC-Network Modellsport, etc.)

Schedule: (subject to modification based on event conditions)
09.00-10.30 Free practice and registration of models and participants
10.45-10.55 FOOTY RC Skippers meeting
10.15-12.00 FOOTY RC racing
12.30-12.55 Lunch
13.00-15.00 FOOTY RC Racing
15.30-18.30 Tourist trip – “In the footsteps of Wroclaw dwarves”
18.30-19.00 Dinner "Polish flavors”
19.00-21.00 Informal meeting FOOTY skippers and a guest
09.45-09.55 FOOTY RC Skippers Meeting
10.00-13.00 FOOTY RC racing
12.00-13.00 FREE FOOTY modeling workshops (for children under 12 y.o.)
11.30-13.30 Sea shanties concert
13.00-13.30 Lunch
13.00-13.30 FREE FOOTY racing (for children under 12 y.o.)
13.30-14.00 Awards distribution
Notice to all participants – please provide us with the information on any person who will accompany you but who will not participate in the contest (like spouses, kids, friends, etc.). If appropriate and feasible, we shall arrange additional theme trips (please make suggestions like: shopping, botanical garden, museums and monuments, or other of your preference.

Location: Racing will be held at the north side of pond, in one of central park of the city-Tolpa Park (n. Nowowiejska str.) - vide:
Due to the location of the launch site, it is recommended to prepare the sunglasses. Maximum depth of reservoir: about 70 cm (2,5 ft).
The predominant type of wind: a moderate/middle, west.
Parking in the regatta: available free of charge

The official languages of the competition: English and Polish - simultaneously (the countdown and launch command will be given in English).
If possible, the organizers will try to provide the interpreters from other languages (if more participants fromvarious countries shall arrive).

Model measurements: Measurement and class authenticity verification will be conducted on-site on all boats during check-in and registration. Award winning boats may also be measured post regatta. It is not permitted to alter the boats during the contest except for the changes allowed under the class rules (eg. rig change). Any necessary alterations to boats after damage, etc., will be held with similar parts of the original design and weight and will be conducted after the approval of the RD. Any boat with unauthorized alterations will be disqualified from the regatta

Sailing instructions and RC frequency: The detailed sailing instructions and frequencies assignments will be posted on the club and class websites after the initial registration period. The following RC frequencies authorized for modelers in Poland can be used: 2.4 GHz, 27MHz, 40 MHz and 35MHz (although the latter is formally reserved in Poland for flying models).

Racing format:
The contest committee will determine the number of races for each day mainly considering weather conditions. The contests will be organized in a manner to allow as many races as possible under given conditions. Two completed boat races are required constitute the contest as valid.
In the Footy RC category, both junior and senior participants will take place.
The remaining categories will be divided into classifications like: Junior Team, Women, and possibly others. In the free(uncontrolled) models category, children bornin 1998 or later can paricipate. Detailed rules for scoring and ranking regatta will be provided later.

Awards: The medal Awards will be distributed among the top three finishers in each class and age group (if applicable), while all participants who complete the contest will be awarded with diplomas. Additionally, independent awards from individual sponsors are foreseen eg.: for best youngest participant, for best female participant, Miss Footy, Fastest Opalek-class boat, Mister Opalek-class boat, etc.
Accommodation: We have made provisional room booking for all our guests at a small, quiet motel with well standard and excellent alimentation. The cost of a single room is 180 to 220 PLN (approx 45-37 GBP), a double room: 260 PLN (ca. GBP 54). These prices include breakfast and supper and are per room. All visitors are kindly requested to make full reservations on-line at (note the motel may have other clients’ booking, so please rush).
We also have a youth hostel for young participants – of a lower standard and price (we are still negotiating a final price with them). Pictures on:
The motel and hostel are located approximately 15-25 minutes from the regatta site.
We are willing to help the participants who come to Wroclaw with transportation from the accommodation place to the contest site.
Campings (more information will be provided later):

Additional information:
about the competition will be added on the Polish footy-class web site (for POL & CZE) and in English on a special forum thread: - with information on the event, including Entry Form, Sailing instructions, etc. RRS rule changes, if any, may be posted on the website and described at the skippers meeting(s) on the competition day.
Please follow the news (and ask if necessary) on the above-mentioned forum thread of the Euro Footy Grand Prix 2010 or send private e-mail (in English, Czech, Slovak, Polish) to Pawel Dejnak at

July 10-11 2010, Wroclaw

Please fill in and send the Entry Form by e-mail or text file or as a Microsoft Word file (but not the latest version) to: Pawel Dejnak <> with subject EURO FOOTY GP or only FOOTY.
Final paper version of this form will be printed for signing just before the contest.

Name and surname: _____________________________________________________
Date of birth (for skippers who were born in 1994 or later)________________________
Team name (nationals, clubs, sponsored) _____________________________________
City & country:__________________________________________________________
E-mail address: __________________________________________________________
Phone No.:______________________________________________________________
Food allergies and restrictions (for ex.: vegetarian): _____________________________
Others important data, eg. health problems _______________________________________
I.C.E. __________________________________________________________________
T-shirt size (S, M,L,XL, XXL, XXXL): ___________________________________________
Planned type of transportation (plane, train, own car, other):______________________

Sail Footy International Number (including national letters ) ________________________
Boat name:______________________________________________________________
Type/designer: ___________________________________________________________
Frequency: 2.4 GHz , 40 MHz, 35MHz, 27MHz: __________________________________
Chanel No (for RC systems with a crystal): No. 1: _______ No. 2: _______ No. 3: ______

Name, last name, sex, age (if under 18 y.o) _____________________________________
Suggestions for tours for accompanying persons (if applicable)_______________________

I In consideration of accepting this entry, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, waive and release any and all rights to claim damages that I may have or acquire against the Host, Sponsor Club, or its members, the sailing site owners, employees, agents, representatives, or assigns, and the Polish FOOTY Class Association, or its members, from any claim for injury or other damages to me or my family during this regatta’s events.I agree to be bound by The Racing Rules of Sailing and by all other rules that govern this event.

Participant’s signature: ____________________________ Date: _____________________

unfortunately I have yet no confirmation participate players from the UK …
However, the cloud of dust at July should be eliminated… ;o)
Since it is necessary for the implementation of efficient organization of EU - I ask all of you about any information (preferably a good) please ;o)
The thing is getting really urgent.


unfortunately yet I have no confirmation participate players from the UK …
However, the cloud of dust at July should be eliminated… ;o)
Since it is necessary for the implementation of efficient organization of EU - I ask all of you about any information (preferably a good) please ;o)
The thing is getting really urgent.


United Kingdom wake up! :o)
Could such a “big power” in the class Footy was not able to send two skippers to represent “Royal Navy” in the nearest Euro GP ??? ;o)
Currently we have reported three national footy-teams (CZE, SWE and POL).
However I hope, that in Wroclaw, we will be able to see you (and other, new in Footy, nations also…).
Write to me please.

Romania is coming too. Not all boats are ready, but we are working on it :slight_smile:

I wish I could be there, Pawel. I know it’s going to be a great regatta, and you’ve done an outstanding job putting a complete activity package together. It will be a memorable event. Since I’m not able to make it, however, there is an opening for someone to take over my record of second-place finishes!

Have a great time and keep us posted.


Thank you for all your answers
(including not too good for me - Bill ;))

Despite my initial concerns, in recent days the UK was due to sleep, and today we have a declaration seven players, including 4 junior! Amazing - in the previous GP did not raced any! Super!!!
Bellow is the current list of foreign participants - the Poles will not be for sure less but still preparing this list, just like a list of young players in the class not controlled models (FREE FOOTY - like Dunno).

Most of the skippers from England (and even from Italy) to go to Poland flies Ryanar by London Stansted on Friday and returns on Monday - it looks really good and cheap connection. All of our foreign guests will be accommodated in a one - in not bad and in not expensive Motel Rezydent (due to late notification took place there a small change of location - but the company has remained the same - more on:

I very please the players of Romania (gyula) and Germany(?) (who had already contacted with me early) to send the official declaration - we want as soon as possible to secure accommodation for you.

I am very happy for our meeting - I hope that we will not fail your expectations - in any case we are working hard on this! :o)
Best regards for all you!

Hi Pawel,

I am happy to report that our “Italian Footy Tribe” is growing.

Most probably we will be 4 or 5 persons ( 2 or 3 competitors + several “skipper assistants” )

I hope that this year we will be able to enjoy a nice competition for the “Coppa d’Italia” footy team trophy

More details about our team during next days :slight_smile:


“Better late than never” - it is now (finally!) poster of the nearest GP.

Ahoy all captains!

The EU footy GP in Poland appeared interesting discussion which might interest all participants in these and similar races.
I allow it to quote myself bellow:

Do I need to have national letters on our sails to race in the Footy Euros ?
and what if the sails are too small to fit these on? Do I adjust the size of the letters, spacing, or location first ?

No. There should be no national letters as this is not an ISAF class.
As well as the sails being too small, what function does they serve? Not recognition, as the numbers do that and if letters are used it makes recognition worse. Letters just adds to the cost in time and money and should be avoided in this class. See example of full size Cadet sails and compare with the latest 'club sails on the Laser with 'model yachting ’ style numbers.
Cheers, Roger

and my few words:
My answer for Rob - it is my personal opinion - unfortunately different from Roger.
I would like to have on race boats (specially from other countries) which will be recognizable - for judges and spectators (also TV and other media). It is also possible that we well have repeated some of the numbers (probably the “13”) what may be a bit problematic for our judges in the race “twins - boat” - scorings…
Of course, I can not imagine the situation, when for the lack of national markings I will have “rewarded” for my guests from afar as disqualification! :o) but I hope see yours sail national signs in Wroclaw :o)
I hope you understand me (and Google… ;o)


[edit] - language mistakes (I know - not all… ;o)

I agree with Pawel :

  • national numbers are useful to avoid confusion and/or unpleasant misunderstandings

  • national numbers have been used during previous EURO GP editions ( liverpool 2008 , 2009 )

  • national numbers add interest to the race underlinining the “international” side of the event

  • national numbers cost almost nothing ( as time and money )
    < using a permanent marker you can draw letters and numbers in less than 60 seconds at zero $ >

In accordance to footy relaxed spirit, size, type, font, colours, and position of letters have been approached -so far - in a mixed way, without claims, or doubts.


Presto MK II - ITA 21

I agree with Pawel and Flavio: We do need national letters.
As there is no international registration of sail numbers, boats with identical sail numbers can participate in the same race. This happened to me i Liverpool last year. In that case the national identity is the only way to separate and indentfy boats.

SWE, SE or S?
Until we take a decision on which to use I will be using SWE as this is the format used in all kinds of international sports and is probably the most understandable format.


Flavio and Animor - thank you for your posts. Seems to me that the best solutions are shown in the first three pictures, which show Flavio (big numbers and lowercase three letters - maybe only on one side like suggested Roger). At some time I sent to all national registries drawings such as those set already on the German-language side of footy (see, but think that this case requires discussion and formal approval by the IFCA.

And now returning back to the main thread:



Something news: today’s pictures from the July race place:

Best regards!

Dear Pawel

I am sorry to inform you that the Romanian team cannot come to Wroclaw :sad: :sad:

Hope you have a nice time