Euro Footy Gp 2009


Ballots being hopefully out of the way, it’s time to move on …

So here we have the notice of race for the Euro GP 2009 - hopefully the highlight of the 2009 season. Held in Birkenhead on 18-19 July 2009.

Please note - the pound is plunging against both the euro and the dollar. Times may be hard, but Brtain is comparatively MUCH cheaper than it was last year.


We will be issuing the NOR of the UK Championships in a day or so’s time. These will be held in the grounds of King Henry VIII’s place at Hampton Court just west of London a week after the Euro GP. This means that it is possible to come to Britain for 2 weekends of Footying and have 5 days sightseeing into the bargain. In addition, the Hampton Court Model Yacht Club are negotiating with the Crown Office to see whether we can throw in a tour of parts of the Palace that are not normally open to the public.
Look forward to seeing lots of you.


PS Flavio should have a contribution very shortly!


Are there any organized activities for the wives while the hubbys are sailing these two weekends?

It could help maintain domestic tranquility and make funding approval easier for overseas visitors.

There will be. We are open to suggestions. Liverpool is a first-rate tourist attraction and we will be putting together our own information pack. It has something to offer very nearly everyone.

The fast frequent Merseyrail link from central Liverpool to very close to the lake in Birkenhead means that ‘non-combatants’ can easily be part time spectators, get bored and find something else to do.

Obviously just what we lay on will depend on the interests of whoever turns up, but rest assured that we will be doing everything we can to show our native city off to our visitors.

For starters, has quite a good guide to what there is on offer - but there are many other thinks of rather more eclectic interest.


It’s in the diary here at Castle McAllister Angus. If we can hold off being in the UK too early (Easter is our usual time) then it just might happen. Hmmm a Pond Sprite called ‘Greensleaves’ might be in order, or ‘Help’ depending on the venue.

Of course I won’t be staying in the county overnight, the league of Yorkshire gentlemen may hear about it and remove my superiority. Stand fast ye white rose.


Lancashire Exocet follows!