Here my last Esterel Class M. Surname Ruby-RB Reverse Bow, Narrow beam, Narrow Deck

Claudio - I like the lines very much - thank you for posting. Is the mast location set up for standard rig - or swing rig location?


Hi Dick,
You are the first to react, thanks !
This is the last of various versions drawn.
Swing Rig adopted, but Classic is not a problem.
CF at 0° and 25° is at -5% of LWL from shadow 5, this means that the hull is dynamically perfectly balanced.
This is narrower hull I drawn for the Class M.
The Narrow Deck is not new on my design, it help reducing hull construction weight as with sloped Transom and Reverse bow.
Narrow Deck is also useful to keep the deck sheer line far from water when the boat is tilting therefore reducing drag effects.
Once reinstalled, who knows when, I will probably start building the ‘normal’ hull without Reverse bow, but I need to draw the shadow at scale 1:1.

If not too many problems, please add me to your mailing list when the shadows are available. NO RUSH - I have an old Marblehead I am going to restore.

Best regards, Dick

Hi Dick no problems ! Here the original drawing of the Esterel-Ruby with strait bow.
Mast position for Classic Rig that should stay at around 30mm in front of the vertical line going to CE.
Noting that in principle the CE vertical line should fall in the first quarter of the Fin Chord. Of course this is an empirical approach based upon hundreds of models.
Most depend on the shape and form of the Sail Plan and on the Main-Jib Ratio. As for all Models, TUNING is a MUST !!
In attachment added PDF file for the scale 1:1 shadows.
Complete shadow set still to be drawn.
With the reverse bow and additional shadow is needed between 0 and 1.
The bow is esentially composed by a plain balsa bloc except bumper.

without Reverse Bow

Thank you Claudio -

I have downloaded them, plus started a file folder to keep all of the “shadows” in one place. Maybe I will have some time to start on them soon - it is still staying pretty cold here and not sure when summer will arrive. Brrrrrr - cold! The grandchildren are keeping us busy.

Here some complementary informations about the ESTEREL- RUBY Reverse Bow design construction.
Major variations are the additional shadows A & B and the balsa bloc although similar bloc can be used on the classic model with strait bow.
The rudder links can optionally call for pulleys as such to have a single hole crossing the transom and reducing risk for water leak.
The standard Rudder links, when externally mounted, requires a “window” to allow the link’s shift. In this case two options are considered: Flat tubes with water repellent inside ‘or’ Latex/Rubber membrane sheets with a cut to let pass the links.
To note that full internal rudder set-up is possible only with full transom.
Sloped transom do not ensure sufficient strut length and strength if kept inside.
For any questions do not hesitate.

The Esterel-Ruby RB shadows to 1:1 Zip file ready for print.
This set allow the 3mm planking.
The set include shadows A & B needed for the Reverse Bow.
The same set is valid for the Normal bow by esclusion of the shadows A & B unless a long sloped transom is desired.

This 1/2 Shadows Set zip file allow the construction of 2 indipendent half sheels. Only one side is drawn since the reverse is also valid for the second half.

Additional informations for sail rig, appendices and wind range vs rig type .
Important to note the % of Jib surface for Swing Rig Type. Exceeding the indicated values may produce unbalanced effects.


Thank you

Thanks a lot Dick !

Not excluded to implement similar characteristics for a RG65