Eropean Chamionship

With a boat that will go in your hand baggage and cheap flights from people like Easyjet ( and Ryanair ( the idea of a European Footy Championship is not that silly.

I know that by next season there will be Footys in UK. Malta, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium.

Any more and anyone interested?

So this will take place somewhere in Erope then Angus?

Probably have to be check-in luggage these days… paranoia and all that. As it should be in England I stand a fair chance if it is either side of the high fares… ie. Easter to late October :rolleyes: But then I have to be in England in early September 07 for my daughter’s Uni. graduation too.


I would be very much interested!!! :slight_smile: it would be a great experience for all of us… the fact that we meet and exchange views face to face would be profitable… any ideas for the venue??

Given the current level of lack of interest from anyone else, it looks like Malta or England!

We could probably get a reasonable turnout from England, but Malta is such a nice place …

…and an extra flight. What are the Maltese RC frequencies for surface vehicles nic?

UK is looking favourite at the moment.

Ryanair now operate flights from Malta to Luton for something upwards of EUR 129 return (more than half of this is Maltese Government depature tax!) If Graham’s going to his mum in Sheffield, that’s easy. My friend Per who has just bought his first kit can easily get from Stockholm to Stanstead. There’s another guy in Belgium who says he might come: that’s a Dover ferry or Channel Tunnel job.

The biggest fleet of Footys in UK at the moment is in Southwater, which is near to the south coast, but there will problly be others as big or nearly as big in the Midlands & Northwest by then.

Everything points towards Birmingham or thereabouts (and there are some very nice places near Brum - don’t knock it.

If anyone wanted to come from NL, we could easly pick up from an Easyjet flight into Liverpool.

Come on, let’s show the Yanks what modern Europe is all about! Let’s get on and do it!

(Incidentally, American etc. are very we;come and will be fed GOOD beer at PROPER TEMPERATURES!) :devil3: Seriously: if anyone did that, appropriate UK airports are (obviously) London Heathrow or London Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham.

A Merry Christmas and Some News

First, a very merry Christmas to you all. And as you take Granny’s New Year Diary out of its wrapping, do the old girl a favour: put something in it.

The Footy Euro Grand Prix will be held in Bourneville (that’s in Birmingham for those who don’t know) on 14th July 2007. If we get super-marvellous entries, it may even extend to the 15th.

We hope to get young skippers from Malta, Sweden, Belgium and the United States – as well as the UK. Despite the emphasis on youth, the Euro Grand Prix is a full blooded, all out event. Really serious guys are invited to come and get really serious!

I know that nobody ever does it (sighs heavily) but if people could give me an indication of interest (not commitment) at this stage, I would be terribly grateful and would digest my Christmas turkey better !!!

Once again, Happy Christmas.

Angus Richardson
UK Footy Class Secretary

Please note change of date!

The correct dates are 16th and possibly 17th of JUNE, not July.