Enough is Enough

Ok I have had a change of heart and have decide to carry on
I do not know about the rest that come here but.
This will be the final comment I make in regards to any and all actions of people of the forum weither they are members or Moderators or the owner of the forum.

I am bored with all the bulls**t that is going on. To the point I was close to leaving and just sailing.But this would not help me
Maybe it is time we all took a step back and looked at what is happening to the forum. At one point this forum was a god send for me. Living in a area where there are no other rc sailers I was able to talk, listen and learn from many here. But as of latly the forum is a waste of time.To much fighting.This is a sure way to get the forum to disappear. Some great posts were pulled by the writers in protest. Did this help nope but it pissed off a lot that relied on your comments for information.

Grow up people and move on with your life. We are only here for a short time and then you are dirt. If you do not like what a person says so what life goes on. The sun will rise in the east and will set in the west. Birds will sing Dogs will bark.

So have fun ignore the bulls**t and lets get this forum back on line and above all else sail.


PS. I have not heard a update about the storms that are heading/hitting Florida I just hope that all from the forum make it threw ok and that they are safe.


Well said.


19 out of 7 people have trouble with statistics