email message from Bill

Did anybody get their email from with Bill Hagerup the document atttached? I got the message, but the document wasn’t encoded to the mime right & got all messed up.

It’s very important that everybody get & read the document Bill.


Bill resent the message and the attachment plus a plaintext version came through fine for me.

I only got the one email. Mybe could someone PM the stuff to me or something?


who was it sent to? because i never got one… was i supposed to?:scared:

I emailed you Tomo. Reply to Bill though. Ah the joys of modern communication.

My second (readable one) went to my spam folder; look there

My second was readable in the email too… if you have a registered footy then you should receive it Barrett. Check with Bill.


If you are registered, you can join in all the real fun!

i do have a registered footy… #39. i got it, it just came alittle late… i think its all ok now… we’ll see, i should have a couple more boats to register soon too, so if some how i was lost, i’ll have another couple to my name…:cool: