Ellens new tri - B&Q

Now this is one hell of a boat; http://www.teamkingfisher.com

This made me laugh, comparisons with the other big boat lauched today, Queen Mary 2(biggest ocean liner ever):
Length: QM2 345m / B&Q 22.9m (QMII 15 times longer)
Width: QM2 40m / B&Q 16.2m (QMII 2.5 times wider)
Weight: QM2 150,000 tonnes / B&Q 8.3 tonnes (QMII over 18,000 times heavier)
Height: QM2 72m / B&Q 32m (QMII Over double the height)
Top speed: QM2 30 knots / B&Q 32+ knots (B&Q speed advantage of 2+ knots)

Luff 'em & leave 'em.