electric wind

well i ges it comes with part of sailing but ive been strugaling not having realy anuf wind to sail my footy so wondering wether it would work by giving old mouther nature a litle help from a fan

i found this on wall mart website


its farly cheap and woundering if it would provide anuf wind accross our small pool maybe even have 2

what do you guys think?

For one meter sized boats I use a 15 inch fan on low about 20 feet away on the basement floor for initial tuning of new rigs. This allows one to learn the subtlties of a rig before use. You probably will not have a “backwinding” problem (wind not straight) if the space is open enough. Clyde

i ges i could allso make a difezer type thing to put infront so its spreads the wind out a bit just not shore if i will find you can only sail right u close to it for it to work?