EC-12's Sat. @ th' Bay Bridge by Timepiece Photo

‘Tried this earlier, but I had t’ go back an’ watermark 'em all.

This is just a FEW of what-all I shot Sat. @ my [b]1st ever[b] RC regatta. I wound up w/somethin’ over a hundred thirty shots. A great afternoon and here’s a li’l bit o’ thanx for all involved. They very patiently put up w/my wobblin’ an’ staggerin’ around their dock. (I’m none too steady on my feet and was VERY afraid I’d get in th’ way; but, if it happened, they were too kind to mention it.)
I wore out an’ left 'round 1530… 'Had 17 shots left on a 2Gig card! :O)

There! That’s a baker’s dozen! How d’you like me NOW?! They’ll ALL be on th’ website in a few days…

thanks buddy enjoy the kits, looking forward to more photos

some pictures are very very nice like those ones !

Tnx, Y’all! ‘Glad y’ liked ‘em. "Th’ REST of th’ STORY" is now up on my website.

I had a REALLY GOOD time Sat. My thanks to all involved for their forbearance of my stumblin’ around th’ dock an’ prob’ly gettin’ in th’ way. But the results, to me, were worth th’ effort.

And Claudio, you “must be readin’ my mail”, or somethin’. Th’ ones you picked are among MY favorites, too!


Just a question - not a complaint… how come you use an apostrophe so often? many of the words still use the same number of keystrokes. Th’ and the (as example) are the same number of letters.

Call me curious.

'Fraid I write like I talk.