Tried my DX6 in my sailboat yesterday, no problems.
I love this radio.

Don M.

Don -

are you using a double stick - or pistol style Tx ?


I belive Don is using the 2 two stick spektrum system.


Yes it is a 2 stick 6 channels.
I did buy the Spektrum DX6 for my tugboat for sailboat retrieval.
My tug is not finished so I put the DX6 in my Sanibel sailboat.
The Sanibel uses a winch, the DX6 was easy to set up the winch.
The DX6 has servo end point adjustments.

Don M.

Isn’t the DX6 for aircraft? The DX2 or DX3 are supposed to be for surface craft.

I don’t think it matters any longer since the Spektrum radio is good to use on aircraft as well as on surface models. A lot of local guys are using them for their park flyers and indoor electrics up here.

It is on a completely different frequency than normal r/c radio gear.