DX6 Radio

Does anyone use this radio and are there any problems to look out for, I have purchased the unit but still have some doubts about its operational capabilities. Any advise would be greatly appreciated

Dave GBR ISIS1760

From what I have read, they seem to work very well. There have been a couple of issues raised. one is that the receiver antanea seem to be delicate and can break easily. The other item raised is that the transmitter uses a lot of battery power. There have been posts on modifying the power circuit to fix this item.

There is also a new post on the IOM board on a technical issue. The IOM class rule specifies ‘one’ receiver. The DX6 & new DX7 use two channels on the 2.4gig band and use 2 receiver circuits (a master and slave). This provides redundancy and improves signal descrimination. The new DX7 places the two circuits in seperate cases, each with its own antanea, and joined by an umbilical cord. However someone has asked “Is this legal” ie is this two receivers or one.

I have used the DX6 and now a DX7 in my Victorias with little trouble. I have had the Rx lose signal on 2 occasions, but I turned the TX off then on and it worked fine after that. Even with the short antennas located inside the hull, I have never had a range problem.

As always, keep it dry! My RX is velcroed to the underside of the deck near the mast and has always stayed dry there.