DX5e 5Ch Full Range Transmitter/Receiver

Can this unit be used on sailboats? Is it worth 85 dollars canadian?

yes and yes…

it does not come with servo’s?

What do you want, egg in your beer? That combo usually goes for $100 US. They expect that people who are serious will have specific tastes in servos. Since it’s nominally an airplane radio, “full range” means several thousand feet. I suppose on the surface it might be somewhat less, but I bet it’s further than you can see well enough to sail.

AB that’s a good price, $85 Cad = $79.84 USD.
John R.

You will not want the servos that come with it… even if they are “standard servos” they don’t have enough grunt to sheet in sails (unless its a footy).

You’ll spend as much(maybe more) on your sail servo and rudder servo as you spend on the radio…

FWIW keep an eye on ebay I picked up a dx6i used for 100 bucks shipped

i made the switch to the dx5… and i have been pleased… dont have to worry about channels… and only time i realy had a problem… was when i was testing… and i was stupid… i ran the boat far away… about 200 yards. and in a good breeze… . so my guess. the reciever was under waterline… since then… i attached the reciever to the underside of the deck… and never had a problem… and been running for over 2 years…

oh yeah . btw… i paid $85 for mine at the local hobby store…
make sure you get the ar500 reciever… that is the full reciever. not the park flyer

I have been using a DX5e in my IOM with the Rx aerial inside the hull, with no loss of control, even when I am so far away that I’m unable to see what tack I’m on.

Hi Andrew
The DX5 doesn’t have travel adjustments which complicates things. All it has is servo reverse. After having travel adjust I wouldn’t want a transmitter without it.