Durham Region RC Sailing

I am looking for anyone sailing Victoria’s or Soling 1 Meter’s or for that matter any RC sailboat, from Durham Region.

As a member of the Metro Marine Moddlers of Toronto. I would never give up sailing with such a great membership on the weekend Sunday Regatta’s. However, the weeknight races are just about impossible to make down at Humber Bay for me. Just fighting the afternoon traffic from Ajax into the city downtown is difficult enough. Newmarket membership is my best bet right now to race with on weeknights. But that is a haul to get too as well, traffic may be just as bad.

So I would be interested in starting some sort of RC Sailing Series for weeknights in Durham Region. Ajax, Pickering, or Whitby would be great. We also need a pond or decent body of water other than the open Lake Ontario.

If there is any interest please let me know.

Not sure how much he hangs out here, anymore - but send a PM to “COUGAR” - he is from the Toronto area.

Thanks Dick,

I have Couger on my friends list but I do believe he is on the other side of the Toronto. And has water there. But I appreciate the info just the same mate. Cheers.

Hi Kotoc,

Here in Whitby, there is a nice waterway between the marina, and public boat launch:


I’ve sailed there a bunch of times. Wind is very consistent coming from the lake in.

Hi I am also in Durham region interested in racing my IOM, Marblehead boats against any class or simular.

One area I can think of to race is Frenchmans Bay in Pickering, you’re probably familiar with it, it’s at the end of Liverpool (east shore, or from west shore).
An RC Sailing Series for weeknights sounds great.

I may know of another person intrested in racing. Has anyone else shown interest in Durham as well?