Dumas Sunfish

I saw one of these on fleaBay a few weeks ago and remembered that I started building one 30 some odd years ago. I emailed my mother asking if she remembered it and she said she still had it and actually knew where it was…

I now have it in my possession and am wondering if anyone has tried r/c-ing one? I haven’t read threw the directions yet but it appears to be possible to set up for free sailing with the lead center board bulb. I realize that it wont sail very well but might be fun just the same. All that is left of the build is water proofing/sealing the hull inside and out, deck application and rigging.

The short answer is…realistically. No. If you view it as a puzzle, can it be solved? Yes…is it worth it?? not if you are planning on enjoying sailing it. It’s too scale, which is death in models. It has so little freeboard, you have to have a VERY deep keel bulb to keep the weight light, then fitting a winch inside that little thin deck… nah… it is possible to accomplish… but only from the aspect of proving it can be done.

If you want some board boat R/C action… check this out… one of our local guys has one of these… and it’s a tricky little beast to sail… but as with anything else… once you get the hang of it… you can see where racing these would be SO much more difficult than racing a plain old model… MAN… you can really get this thing flying… and you can really screw it up…



Thanks Larry,

I agree, but found myself having to ask anyway…

Better to spend funds on better sailing stuff… I’m thinking a proper scale build on this will be a pretty sharp looking conversation piece/dust collector.

Now the question is should I paint it or clear the Mahogany?:smiley: