Doesre AMYA have a "Rulebook?"

Actually, it’s called the AMYA Handbook.

Does anyone have an electronic copy or know where to find one? My copy is from 1993.

Here you go:

These are the official sailboat racing rules for the entire civilized world. Appendix E cover additional rules for RC. I believe that the AMYA abides by them as well.

The RRS only covers the racing part of a regatta, and is published by the ISAF, not the AMYA. Appendix E is just an “afterthought” they included to adjust certain rules for model yachts. the AMYA Handbook also includes the regatta procedures, class rules for all the classes, Organizational By-laws, and a whole lot of other stuff.

looks like most of this is in the AMYA website
Club Resources folder.

That’s the whole problem. I spent an hour browsing the AMYA website looking for the Handbook, and there isn’t one available, AFAICT. One shouldn’t have to get on the Internet every time there is a question about something, or just to browse the information. Not all people have Internet access everywhere they are. The information should be available in a comprehensive, compiled form, that you can take with you anywhere, or to print. And if you are old enough to remember using “books,” you can look up something in print by the time someone else can even get a smartphone or tablet powered-up.

not the easiest, but you could always cut/copy/print into a word document, and the print out at your leisure.

or maybe ask the current webmaster to see if they would be willing to compile the documents as a PDF.

Since many of us who are old enough to remember books are also old enough remember volunteering… you could always volunteer to compile the documents all together…

+1 for Marc’s thoughts.

Since AMYA is about 99.9% volunteer, it would make a nice project - but I suggest you (or someone) refrain from including class rules. There are too many classes, rules change periodically, some are already published (the international classes) and when a change is made what does one do with all of the now-outdated publications. It wouldn’t be an easy (or fun) project, because if it were, there would be less of a need for class secretaries and/or technical groups that maintain on a class by class basis.

The cost to publish AMYA’s magazine is by far the highest cost to the organization, it takes a couple of months to produce each issue, and the added mailing costs begin to extract more money from members. The suggestion has been put forward quite a few times to convert the magazine to electronic so a member would have faster and more current information on regattas, and could print only what was of interest - but of course those opposed felt a need to have something for bathroom reading - since it is about the only place void of electronic media (unless you play/surf the internet via your smart phone as a secondary “project”). Thus the magazine continues, but fast, more efficient information and changes can and are still communicated by the internet and the AMYA web ---- along with all of those individual classes that maintain their own web sites.

What you feel you might want included may not be what others would want or find needed.

Just a few (personal) thoughts.

I have the service manual for my car, which comes in many sections that are occasionally updated. The sections are in PDF form, and the whole thing is zipped up for convenience. That seems reasonable, and if anything needs to be updated, you just download the collection and overwrite the older files.

The only other thing I can think of is to use a webstripper program to make a copy of the entire AMYA website on your PC.

As noted - you DO NOT get the service and technical bulletins (for free) that go to the dealership (representing efforts to maintain all class rules as example) - and you pay a much higher cost for the car than for an AMYA membership. As Marc suggested, here is your opportunity to volunteer and give back to AMYA by printing to PDF and saving - then sending to printer for output.

Note that the racing rules and beginner’s guide are already in PDF format [[ ]] - so they are ready to be printed. Also keep in mind copyright rules in case you want to sell what you create/consolidate.

I will consider working on it.

If you just want the Racing Rules of Sailing, there is an App for that. Sure is handy not having to look for the book when everything is in my pocket. every time another related rule is referenced, there is a link to that section of the rules… very handy.