Does RC LASER's go in salt water?

Hey Everyone,

I am thinknig of buying an RC Laser and was wondeirng if they can go in Salt water because i have heard some rc boats dont last very long in the sea.

I was also wondering if you can sail them in waves with a β€œb” rig and if so, how big?


Joliver :slight_smile:

I know that things corrode quicker.

Just make sure to seal everything with a wonder inhibitor, and flush your toy with fresh water when done.

That’s what I’d do.

Thanks for the reply, if i rinse it inf resh water each time will it last for just as long?


The Laser is probably one of the most durable sailboats out there. As long as you flush out any salt water and open the hull to dry it out between sailing sessions the Laser should last better than most. I sail on the ocean with one and it is still going strong.