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Gday , hello , greetings and salutations etc etc

Just started building a lil toy , and as the name suggests we are kinda in a more than suspect state atm . Its about 80 centimetres long ( 1 to 10 scale of a lil 27 odd foot runabout , a runnels 8 ) , we doubled or more the blade of the keel as was suggested to us , and i kinda made the rudder a lil more of a dagger blade but other than that the hull and deck are pretty close

I can kinda fudge below the waterline , and ill have a go at building some mock sails later today from builders plastic or something , im thinking three panels with a small v at the base about an inch high should do it , for what should be about a 1 metre luff and a 40 cm boom

It actually sorta started as a model and grew into a rc progect as my father picked up rc units pretty cheap and started getting grand ideas ( gulp)

My 3 main concerns are deck layout , mast and servo

We are basically gunna run it off two servo arms , we were thinking maybe a 2 to 1 system for the main by running the mainsheet to the hull and back to the arm once , and just running the headsail off a strate line . has this been done in the past? and any ideas? far from hi tech i am sure , but sorta workable and cheap seems to be the motto atm , at least until we get em on the water and see what can/cant be done

The mast im just all over the shop , to buy one is doable , but prolly more a thing for a later date , at the moment we are sorta thinking rods will do , maybe i can resin fill one till like the lowest spreaders or something , not 100% on that yet , again cheap and doable is prolly ok atm , we can always look where to upgrade/work on later

Last and not least , the deck layout of sheets ,im kinda thinking can maybe make an outhall with knots in some cord and a slit in the boom as a tie off , cunningham and vang to bottom of mast , mainsheet i have absolutely no idea , was thinking along the lines of a floating eye but unsure how far forward we can fudge it .If any know of a topographical type drawing of a sheet set up or something id love to see it

anyhow , ty for listening to my dribble and happy sails all=)