Wis and all the guys,
As you know, my divorce was final yesterday, and in the divorce settlement, she was awarded the double- wide mobile home and my pickup truck. Can you believe it? I expected her to get the double-wide, but having to give her my truck was just more than I could bear. I had no choice, so as per the court order, I delivered the truck to her before 2:00 PM today. I’m sure gonna miss that truck. I had to get a picture of it before it was gone forever. If you need to get hold of me, I’ll be staying with my folks until I can find me a place.
Take care,
Don M.

:bag:must be the Amercican way:bag:

Why does a divorce cost so much?
Besause its worth it.

but you did get to keep the boats right? after all she might not want to sail?

My dad was a structural engineer and one day while riding with a client they passed a storage area where it was just barely visible if you knew when and where to look… you could catch a glimpse of a Columbia Saber (32’) it was long and lean and built for speed. I had sailed on it, and it was the most uncomfortable boat for it’s size I had ever been on… but oh my… was it fast.

My dad groaned upon passing the place because he did so long to own it…to which his client replied… “hell Rodney, why don’t you buy it… you can afford it?” and Pop replied… your’re right… I can afford the boat… it’s the divorce that would be too expensive."

Looking back 35 years later… he should have bought the boat… heheheh

I wish you the best of luck Don. BTDT in '02-03. Now I’m some 1800+mi from her!!!