discouraging arguments

i just want to inform all newcomers (i know i’m new as well), to not get discouraged by the mad ramblings on all the footy sites.
add to the knoledge, or leave!

amen to that! ask your question, talk to the people you want to talk to, but don’t get bogged down with the people who feel they need to attack anybody who supports footys!:rolleyes:

I’ve noticed in my participation in a number of divergent discussion groups that newcomers can be divided into two groups: those who come in with guns blazing, apparently attempting to make early names for themselves; and those who come in meekly so as not to disturb anyone. Clearly there is a gray area in between, but the classification will do for discussion.

In any group that has been in existence for more than a couple of months, there will be people who are generally recognized as top-level in the group, whatever that means in a particular group. A newcomer who gives the appearance of attempting to bull his way into the top level, either by hogging the discussion or by blasting away at someone already in the top will be perceived by those already in the group as a bully, upstart, egotist, and probably a large number of other bad attributes, as well. Note that I am contending that the group as a whole reacts against the newcomer, not just the one or two members attacked by the newcomer.

I’ve seen cases where the upstart-type of newcomer moderates his behavior as he becomes more familiar with the group, and the group opinion gradually adjusts accordingly. Seems to me this is the hard way to go about it, though, assuming for the moment that we as individuals actually have some control over how we do things.

The other approach is to come in meekly, finding out something about the pecking order and protocols, and basically avoiding anything personal about any other member unless it’s entirely positive.

Come to think of it, I don’t see many instances where it’s of any use at all to say anything negative about anyone else on the forum, with the possible exception of the moderators in their efforts to maintain order. Even there, from what I’ve seen, the moderators generally confine their remarks to specific behaviors rather than bringing in motives or personalities.

Mike Biggs

Personally, if it continues in this vein, I will just abandon this. I find myself reading the post because I am interested in learning about RCboats, but if this is representative of what it is I will lose interest real quick. This is a hobby and it’s supposed to be fun!!!
While I think many of the interested parties make valid points, the ranting and raving, and insults leave me cold. I notice that it has left many others in the same position, it’s sad, because this used to be an enjoyable place for me to come.

This hornet’s nest seems to have really started buzzing as a result of a (probably injudicious) posting of mine on another forum. Nothing was intended beyond a gentlemanly philosophical discussion with my esteemed and eminent sparring partner Dick Lemke.

I apologise to all for the trouble I have triggered.

I don’t think the problem is with you Angus (Not even my wife thinks so). The bold and capital type started long before. There are many ways for someone to carry on intelligent discussions and no one makes their point by yelling. If this is how people conduct themselves in the sailing world, why would anyone want to be involved.

Sigh…it wears me down, too…at least you’ve been around here long enough, Bob, to know that kind of behavior isn’t typical of most participants.


Save for the odd one or two individuals that had that not rare enough talent that bent everyone within days of showing up… these forums for R/C sailing are quite tame. Thankfully.

It is a hobby, it is fun when not disturbed by an outside force… and if anything brings to mind something I was talking about the other day with a friend of mine… that after so much pressure and effort the last couple of years… how much I really miss just taking my old boat to the pond, sticking a mast on it and sailing it… wrinkled sails, baggy downhaul, missing upper stay and all. Know what I mean? I didn’t want to sell, I didn’t want to really even talk with anyone, and was grateful when the pond was empty even of ducks. It was a wonderful, quiet, peaceful afternoon that helped me cope with the “fun” that daily life offers.

I hear from my friends that are not into R/C anything about the groups of which they are members, and I guess we have it pretty good in that without members in the thousands (daily) we don’t have the heavy traffic which of course means more wear and tear on one’s patience/nerves/desire to participate.

While we may see the same questions over and over…it’s no biggie, and certainly makes it worthwhile when someone shares something, remembers something, etc that makes your whole day.


Most of the pros have been doing it for a few years. It is no suprise that their stuff is so much better.

They arent really discouraging to me though. The only problem I have is that the pros have pretty much done everything that there is to do, so it is next to impossible to do anything truly original.

Only pointing out the last post before yours was in January of 2007. Perhaps you could be more specific in your post as to what you saw or didn’t see that makes you feel as posted? We all had to start somewhere - no one is born a “pro” - so until you get involved, participate and share in discussions (argumentative or not) you won’t learn much - and believe me - there is a lot to learn. Maybe new designs are your issue, and they do arrive on occasion, but there is also a wealth of idea sharing going on here (and other forums) and I would encourage you to make use of them - and ask questions of what you don’t understand.

Was rather a “strange” post for your first ever here - unless of course it was intended as SPAM with your insurance link?

Looks legit; also asked about (full size) laser registration in NY and IP is consistent with these postings. But please, nub-k, don’t put links to non-sailing URLs in your postings. The moderators been fighting off a pretty significant forum invasion by a Chinese spam ring these last few days and we’re a wee bit paranoid right about now :slight_smile:



alot of the bravado come from keyboard courage…very similar to beer muscles… just ignore it… scroll down or delete it…

some groups I belong to have buttons where you can “ignore” posters…

Yea, but Cougar, Earl and I have been trying to keep the site clean so we don’t get “spam notices” from readers in our home or work emails.

Chad has approved a big change that will let us identify SPAMMER IP addresses - but still, we like to leave stuff here if legitimate - or delete if questionable. Some readers aren’t as tollerant as you are Mark [big grin] so it remains a balancing act for us.

I was ready to pull my posts and move them to WindPower as we just couldn’t handle all the Asian and Indian spam. Thankfully Chad made an update to forum with new version and we will see if it helps us keep out the garbage.

Cheers, Dick

we do appreciate the work…Windpower has been pretty “dead” as of late…

dick, is there a good Rc forum for scale power boats. I’ve stoped on my Tri and rg65 plan and started making headway on a 1930’s vintage sedan cruiser 1’:1" scale, scratch, which I’ll finish side by side with the Colin archer…I know I’ll have to make a lot of the parts, but some stuff like props and portholes I should be able to buy…

Mark -

I had thought about a 1:10 scale a while back but haven’t proceeded to build.

Try this link - not sure how good/bad it is. http://www.rcgroups.com/scale-boats-55/


Ever tried “stop forum spam”? You can search e-mail addresses of new members to see if they have a spamming history. You can also add spammers to the database.