Disaster Strikes

Well, I have a bit of a problem with my 2metre catamaran; I was moving stuff around in the garage and an old cooker I was taking to the dump toppled over and crushed one of my hulls - it’s not repairable (the hull that is, not the cooker).

Not to be deterred, if I need to make one new hull I might as well make two and incorporate some lessons learned. In the spirit of Claudio, Dick, Siri, et al. I’ll start a thread on the multiihull section to document the build as I’m using a different approach, though don’t expect me to keep pace with some of their builds.

The other silver lining is that I now have a spare hull and that will be used as the centre hull when I get round to building a sailing hydrofoil.



Hi Ray -

sorry to hear of your misfortune - yet it verifies I am not the only “klutz” on this earth.

I had built a (real boat) dinghy for my daughter. Small, plywood panels and stitch-and-glue construction. Plywood was about 3mm as I recall. Class was the “Cape Cod Frosty” now an honest class (you can Google), and had it on the floor in the garage. Was coming down from a stepladder and managed to step off and put my foot directly through the rear deck. Of course, that also took out the two side decks, and left me with a large wooden flower planter. Never did go back to fix and it went into the dumpster several years later. At least I still have a few old Polaroid photos somewhere. :rolleyes:

I feel your pain - but as you note, perhaps a new use down the road. Good luck - and thanks for offering the 2 Meter build log. Will be exciting to see how you do stuff.

Best, Dick

Thanks for the sympathy Dick, though at the end of the day it is only a model boat…

I’ve posted some pictures of the plug in the multihull forum.


This is a lesson. Never, ever clean your garage. Bad things will happen:devil3::devil3: