Digitizing plans

If my Footy design works out, I’ll put up the drawing for the panels. I will first build & sail my design some, and then build another hull to make sure it can be duplicated, and maybe simplify the design or fix some things too.

Are there any special techniques to getting your panels into the computer? I was planning on tracing the panels onto paper and maybe cutting them out and making another set with smoothed lines on poster board.

Then I’ll need to digitize them somehow. I prefer not to use any software like freeship or hullform, because the boat is made from panels and all you’ll need is to cut the panels out of balsa or ply ( I’m not sure which I’ll recommend,) and assemble.

Maybe the Graphic arts Dept at work has some ideas.


How about drawing some one inch squares on a sheet of paper, then lay the flat panels on the paper and trace around them. Then scan in the paper and save as JPG.

The scale would provide a reference for others who print it off.

That’s a good idea. No matter how you print it, if you transpose it to the proper grid, it’ll come out very close at the least- depending on how well you can draw. You could also scan plans that span multiple pages that way.

I think that 1 inch squares is a little to o coarse. Maybe I’ll go with 1cm squares.