Diamonds are Forever

Totally off topic as far as r/c boats are concerned, but nothing else seems to be happening so I thought I would ask a question!

Has anyone ever heard of the old Diamond class monohull? They were a 30 foot design from the table of Jack Holt in the UK.

About ten years ago over here they staged somewhat of a revival. We conducted a Queensland Title for them and had 12 boats turn up from around Brisbane, North Queensland as well as one from Melbourne and another from Lake MacQuarie.

We also held a match racing series which was really enjoyable. I was given control of the boat from North Queensland for it. There were helmsman there who were current or past Australian champions in other classes, as well as one local skipper who was vying for olympic selection. The racing was run over a windward/return course. Really great stuff and thoughly enjoyable.

This topic is open to similar types of stories, so please tell all.


In Sweden we have the Stjarnbat and the Andunge. Saidly, the Stjarnbat is seldom seen these days. Pelle Petterson and other Olympic stars started in this boat. Fortuanaelly, the Andunge has got a “newstart”.