Diagnosis Wanted

After switching on my boat, the rudder jams over as if to turn the boat to starboard. After about 5 mins, it comes back to normal. Is this a warning sign and has anybody else had the same experience? Then she sails on as if nothing had happened. It isn’t like that when I switch the boat off and only seems to happen if the boat has been switched off for more than 15 mins.


It is pretty hard to diagnose what?s wrong just from your description.
It could be any number of things.

Dirty pot in the rudder servo.
Tuning could be off in the receiver or Tx.
Cracked crystal.
Moisture in the receiver or servo.
Cold solder joint.

I would start by eliminating one piece at a time. Try the receiver first. Go for the servo next.

Peter Richards
Customer Service

what you have described can be almost anything. but the sail servo doing nothing tells me that it is the rudder servo, is the problem. and not radio interference. i would suggest replacing the servo. and checking it out. like peter said it could be a wet servo or a dirty servo. that would be my best bet on why this is happend

Together with those actions reported, make sure that the antenna is no where near any of the servo’s cables. It might sound stupid… but believe me, it will affect your servos with interference!

Thanks guys. On the new frapper forum I also explained that the rudder did NOT jam over if the Tx was left off but DID if I then switched in on. Ed Morales thought it could be the potentiometers in the Tx but I changed Tx and still experienced the same thing. I think Cougar (amongst others) suggestion that it is the rudder servo is probably on the money. Sigh.