Development of a Radio Controlled Sailing guide

I would like to see how everybody feels about creating a guide for radio controlled sailing.

I know there have been some who would like to see a tuning guide be developed. Along with helping others in construction of molds.

Therefore I have setup a “Wiki” at which is open to everybody who is interested in sharing information or reading it. This wiki is based off of the popular wikipedia

I am going to try and setup a beginners category and move on from there. I encourage everyone to try it out and let me know what you think.

Thank you all for your support and patience,

aha…that’s a GREAT idea!!!


-Wis (aka Laurent)

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Well Chad, I would support you in your endeavours how ever it is a really a wide subject. So, perhaps you might think about doing "the Basics " for R/C sailing and leaving the wider range of the sport/ hobby to the general R/C sailing population.

I know that I’m interested in R/C land sailing but I am finding BASIC info really hard to come by and I imagine it would be the same for all these new Joes to R/C sailing in their quest for the basics. So mate how about it?


definitely agree. The nice part is thought that later on you can easily add more on to the pages when or if there is a need.

Well Chad, how do you want to do this?


should probably start a table of contents and links to blank pages for people to fill in the information in those sections. A starting place would be to give advice on getting started. Similar to what is recommended here: visit… Maybe start with a major heading of " The Basics" and then sub headings of where to start, and what to look for…

Feel free to change or add anything! just click on the edit button on the page (thats the best part about the wiki and development process)