Detach and Re-Glue an Odom Deck

On my Odom, which is about 12 years old…

Apparently, the builder of my Odom, used an inferior type of epoxy, that loosens when exposed to water. I have already re-glued the keel block and the two bulkheads using a marine-grade epoxy (from Home Depot) and now the deck has come off on the Stbd side so much that a piece of tape no longer keeps it from leaking.

I need to to remove the entire deck. I think I will add some more wood strips on the edge, probably a 1/4 x 1/4 inch strip, for a bigger gluing surface. Then I would probably add a fillet to seal it from bilgewater.

Some tips, other than to be very careful when cutting the seam would be appreciated, as well as any tips to re-glue the deck seam, as I would probably need to mix a large amount and spread it on. Can you brush it on, or is a spatula better? Wax and add a strip of masking tape to the outer hull to keep any epoxy from dripping?


Hi should not be too difficult with the use of a Dremel tool and circular saw blade so far no others parts are bonded under the deck. see sketch. On the Net I found this link plenty of good images :
I suspect nevertheless, a big problem with several bonded parts. see page 33 of the “instructions manual”.
There is the external solution consisting on the bonding with epoxy a long corner glass fiber ribbon bent at 90° 4x4mm or 5x5mm along the hull sheer line made with a previous made deck plywood mock up. You may adds later wooden stripes to mask the glass fiber. The deck mock up shall be covered with plastic film (garbage) to avoid glass corner bonding

Good luck

Surprise- the deck just fell off! I was carrying the boat by the hatch hole into the garage to put it into the storage room, and the deck came off. Or rather, the hull detached from the deck?

The epoxy glue (cheap, regular glue, not marine type) was rotting, and also were the deck beams and the sheer strips. I had to remove everything made of wood except the keelblock and rudder support, and make new deck beams. Everything of wood will get a good coat of clear varnish before gluing into the hull.

I tested some Gorilla construction adhesive, and I think it will work better than the old glue. It looks like the original builder of my boat didn’t take the time to build the boat properly with good glue.

I just re-glued a deck on an old ODOM. I sed silicon to attach and seal the deck to hull. And 3/16" gaffers tape on the seam. Water tight !"