"Dessiner son Voilier"

Unfortunately my book is in French but I hope someone could understand it. Wis of course will be one of them.
It is dedicated to people that intend to design and draw their own models.
It can be FREE downloaded http://fourtas.free.fr/classem/ or from http://www.nonsolovele.com/ in PDF or Word format.
All my best WHISHES for 2006 with many new models.

Claudio -

thank you for the link. I will download next week when I have access to highspeed internet.

Do you know if there is a similar site - but for the Mini40 / 2 Meter multihulls? I have a few links to several French sites, but most have not been update since 2003 or 2004. Any links to current multihull sites would be appreciated.

Many thanks, and Merry Christmas.

Hi Dick,
from the Italian site you have the Word format in split in 9 parts for easy download.
Personally I’m not familiar with Multihull, nevertheless here below I found the following adresses :


this late develops the Mini 40 to

That’s all
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You.