Design for comments

Hi All,

I have had a bit of a play with Delstship and drawn up this set of lines for an RG65. Im new to RC, have no design training other than devouring everything from Skene to Marchaj as a teenager. Its moderately narrow with a beam of 130mm, has a disp of a bit over 1kg, an LCB fairly far forward at 53% ish, prismatic low at 0.529 and id anticipare a bulb weight of close to 700gms depending on how the hull came out. Its designed to be an allrounder, with enough bearing in the sections to have some form stability, and while on the narrow side enough bearing aft to perform well downhill in a breeze. I would prefer the LCB further aft but figured id be best just posting something and getting feedback, rather than playing with it for days.

Its stupid given the number of free designs around from experts, and being I am unable to get to the current RG im building now and might be tempted to build something id drawn up out of scraps if I can get enough feedback etc from the exports on here.

I havnt done any detailed hydrostatics as I dont have the software to even check the centres at heel angles using the basic version of Delft. Does anyone know of a program I can export a hull file to to do full hydrostatics?


looks neat…but delftship does have the ability to do hydro calcs… at least version 5.06.186 does…

Im new to Delftship, and a total amateur generally but thanks for the neat comment, I just banged that out in a few hrs playing with the software. Ill have to read the manual i guess lol how boring! Its the inclined waterplanes, immersed areas etc and shift of points on heeling and associated changes i really want to explore with this hull shape.

not sure about healing angles and such… but id doe shave some hydrodynamic capabilities…not sure of the complete capabilities