demerit points

i recently was awarded a warning,i think the decision merits a review,i have seen and read far worse posts and of a personel nature.this is a forum a place for discusion,not every view is the same,but are still valid in the eye of the person posting.what is it about the post that has brought the warning ?:reyes:
If a Post is deemed to be unacceptable I will proceed in the following way.

  1. The author will be notified by e-mail/pm, and asked to voluntarily change the post to make it acceptable.

  2. After 24 hours from the sending of the e-mail/pm, if the post has not been changed, it will be changed by me to make it acceptable. At the bottom of the post a message will be added that reads: “edited by forum moderator date/time” Every member should be able to speak there mind without fear of reprisals.

nobpdy here. censures anybody. we all want a free excahnge of ideas. but like i told you before. you post in a wrong section( like the footy section) we will TELL you about it. if you keep on doing that. that is when you get the warning.
Your ideas were tried with other member that were causing problems. but it did not solve the problem. so this was brought it. and so far it has worked. I would like to keep the problems at a minimum. I started a sail making thread, and there was no warnings there. have you contacted the mod/admin . who gave you this warning?

You have been given a warning point. If all you are going to do is complain because you don’t like what other people are talking about, please don’t post.
dansherman says all moderaters were copied ?
my post was in the Footy section,commemting on Footys.:pirate: who reviews this decision dansherman or all Mods ? by the way not my ideas in post i believe they are words of Dansherman taking of this site last year some time

You where given a warning because you first made this post.

And then you followed it with this post, that I have edited.

As I said ?If all you are going to do is complain because you don?t like what other people are talking about, please don?t post.?

If all you are going to do is complain
since when has all my actions or posts been of a complaining nature ? your words :if all you are:
i still fail to see how the first post was offensive ? could you explain please ?
reading back over the last 3 years of problems/comments/sugg i can see you have had problems with certain members,are you tarring me with the same brush ??


Not all your posts are complaining, the one you got a point for was, hence why you got a point. Your last two posts on that thread where both deserved a point, cougar commented on the first one, and I gave you a point for the second one.

If you can’t see how posting this comment on a footy thread, is going to get you a point or cause trouble, with other members well…….

Over the past three years I have given out the majority of warning/points etc. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m not as laid back as the other mods, hence why I give out the majority of the moderations.

If you don’t like my style take it up with Chad.

how long do these demerit points last for ?

30 days from the time it was issued.

Counting Down !

ok I am having a bad day right now . so will keep this short but sweet
you dont know why. you got the warning… i will give you a clue. dont post. unless you have something to add POSTITVE. nopt just to post to see your name up. IF this was just up to me. you would have another piont. “counting down” was just plain stupid. keep your trap shut. and wait it out. one warning is just a slap on the wrist. you can still post. still have a voice . you can still contibute. . just dont post stupid comments. dan explained this to you. dont make me come in on it too

is ther a way that the member can check to see their points?
so they could say, Whoh, I better cut out the sauce mouth"!