if you wnat my opinion. we are a defcon 3. not level 3.
to have a forum locked up like this . is the last thing. the next step is a complete shut down. the forum goes away. and we all lose a valubale section , where we can get good inforamtion and help
i know i get flak for saying this . but i see the good in most.
i dont wnat to see this board die. but i can see it coming to this
protesting. my ass . i could have posted more protests than most. but this morning was enough , i get up and the first thing i do. is check the board. and 2 of the 3 new posts were some numbskull saying his post are deleted. and he is being punished. first thing first. as a grown up adault you ask somebody in charge. like ,HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM i dont know A MODERATOR maybe. and we can do something about it
but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this moron has to post. just to inflame and get people angry. well congrats you have gotten me angry . well done and bravo. any of your post are to me garbage and i wil tell my friends to ignore the post
long live the cup and cris dickson

Give PEACE a chance, folks! -

Currently the nervousness in this forum looks more like inquisition during the dark middleages in Europe - just that possible WHITCHES have been replaced by possible ‘Doug Lords’ -…-
If you get him, burn him - or what??? -

Then nice and friendly moderators turn into Inquisitors? - Should this be the future we all are aiming for in this forum? -

Just because some article APPEARS to be negative at first sight, it doesn’t mean it was INTENDED to be NEGATIVE! -

Some facts may not be able, to cheer you up - but facts are still FACTS! - The multihull-group is much smaller than the monohull-group! -

So what? - That’s a fact! - Sorry about saying the truth! - This CAN be uncomfortable for some of you - but at least IT IS THE TRUTH! - Which should have some VALUE in itself! -

So if I am asking in a new topic, ‘ARE MULTIHULLS OLDFASHIONED BY NOW?’ - it is just something I personally observed; - but I’m not SURE, if it really is the TRUTH for others as well! -
Jesus Christ! - That’s why I asked this question! - I just wanted to get some other opinions about that! -
And I think I have the RIGHT to ask honest questions! -

If this topic is then erased, without any obvious reason - of course I get curious! -

As it appears like censorship to me. -
Is there a set of TABOO-questions? - Certain things, that ‘should not be touched’? - WHY? -
Think free, speak free - we are free people - RIGHT?

Fact is, I AM NOT DOUG LORD, but I have NO PROBLEM with him at all! -
If anybody thinks he should be banned - OK; - but for me personally he’s just amusing. -
Not offending at all! -
If you really think you NEED to stop him - don’t attack him, but LAUGH at him! -
Don’t take him SERIOUS - OK? -

And ‘PROTEST’ - is a RIGHT you have in any boat race you participate in! -
As we are all sailors, you should be familiar with that! -
So there is - from my point of view - no reason at all, to shut down or lock this whole forum!!! -
Or would you STOP a boatrace completely, just because ONE sailor PROTESTED??? -

NO, you wouldn’t! -

So please give PEACE a chance! -

And let me ask, what I want to ask! -
Ernst Zemann

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls