looks intresting. could be bond or benny around:-)
it could be like 1983
but the one thing i dont understand why just the one sail?
long live the cup and cris dickson


Dick, Where can we check out the c-class? I’d like to see what the current state of the art is in solid wings.

Dick, those guys have been around for a while with that boat, if i remember correctly, since a couple of years ago.

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promtly walked away.


It’s that the same boat I posted in the “Technology Forum” under “Little America’s Cup” back in Sept last year.[:-eyebrows]


I actually don’t think it is lame technology at all. But I think should be something that is aggresively pursued and developed in the R/C world. The technology is there so how come we don’t use it?

Just think, no more tweaking rigging and shroud lines. [:D]


Thanks for the wonderful images of winged rigs. Is that a panel of fabric between the main wing & the flap? My personal opinion is that rotating wingmasts in combination with sail fabric will be preferable to solid wings in modeling applications, because of the need to minimize weight & reducing complexity (KISS! principle). Some excellent discussion of wingmast (& solid wing with flap) can be found at:

Of particular interest is Tom Speer’s paper about wingmast rigs using the X-Foil modeling program:

One application to rc multihull applications had been done by Bruce Ewing in NZ (scroll down).

Wing rigs offer several advantages where boat speed can exceed windspeed such as multihull & solid surface applications (iceboats & landyachts).