Delete Thread: How 2

I ran a thread in Classifieds, an eBay auction (40" Lightning"). Its over, I would like to remove it, not have it sit there for 60 days.

I clicked:
FAQ then Reading and Posting Messages. Read/followed the directions…

If you have registered, you will be able to edit and delete your posts. Note that the administrator can disable this ability as he desires.

The Edit button even says “Edit/Delete” when I mouseover, but I can’t seem to get rid of the thread. Asked twice at Contact Us without reply.

Will somenody help me out? Mr. Administrator, if its disabled, can you enabled it (since I’d like to run similiar Classified threads that are current only)?

Help! &thanks



I have deleted the thread.

The “Edit/Delete” button, is only for an individual post. To delete an entire thread, you must be a moderator, or an administrator, depending on the forum settings.

Dan, I get it now. Thanks, I appreciate it. Yar