Dan's new pond

Hey Dan,

your new pond is really great. Was that the coverage of the model submarine races?[}}:-|>>]

Couldn’t tell who won but it was a heck of a race!



the alfa won by a slim margin over the la flite 3. I am not sure if brad used the polk radio or not. but my wtc worked great. not a drop of water inside. brad had about a oz.
tell you how we did next month at the worlds in indy

long live the cup and cris dickson

Larry check this link from 2000.


the pond looks very familiar for some reason. LOL

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HEy Dan Thanks… I got all excited until I saw the date on the NEW website was May 2000 !

I get suckered on that all the time. I gotta build one… that is on my list of things to do… and I want a BIG one too! I am thinking about a 10 footer with ballasted diving. I have read about them for years, and there is actually a reasoably good sized group here with 6 boats in the water at the last regatta North of Austin. A buddy of mine made such a wonderful Jules Verne Nautilus that some guy in France has copied it and is selling them… and I love it… it is rubber band powered. Actually Jim has made a couple of Soviet rubber powered subs that run about 30 yards and submerge and resurface (super slight positive bouyancy) but they look great in the water (provided it is clear enough to see!)

Yeah… I will build one of these when I get caught up… HAHAHAHAH[:D]