Hey guys, I’m back! grins I hope all has not been to miserable in my absence;). Can someone give me a brief run-down of the summer’s happenings? lol.

Barrett - it really is nice to see you back. What I haven’t managed to make out is whether you’ve been being an inmate, a trusty or a guard. :zbeer::devil3::devil3::devil3:

He can’t have done anything too bad Angus… he only got two months :rolleyes:

Hi Barrett,

Start making plans for fall…we’re trying to schedule a Region 1 Footy Championship at the end of October…stay tuned.

Bill H

Talking about plans - Birkemhead/Liverpool, England +/- 21 July 2009.

I got out on good behavior… :stuck_out_tongue:

Region 1 regatta? I’ll keep my antenna up!

You! Good behaviour! ?? Now I know you’re lying!