Daggerboard = Centerboard

Check out this site for an interesting daggerboard kick =up system. Preserves the small thru-hull slot of a daggerboard but gives centerboard-like kick up facility…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Looks interesting, but i doubt you could scale it down efectively for a model without it either being delecate or heavy, what would be the point anyway? might stop weed catching on the daggers but to do that it would have to be sprung in some way too.
That guy is being very hopefull, I very much doubt they will change the rules for Tornados re centerboards, if it gets to that point they might as well change the olympic cat class to somthing far more modern. The rudder profile would have to change to match, lots of messing about for not much more than a few seconds on the beat. But thats getting off topic :wink:

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