Critters and Footys....

A north wind has cleared our backyard bayou (Bayou Moulin, a man-made channel, actually) of duckweed temporarily, blowing it to the south, so that I was able to try out some adjustments and minor modifications to my Footy, Confusion. No (4 ft, maybe only 3 1/2 ft) alligator was going to stop me.

Perhaps others have photos of their Footys and critters…

Mike Biggs

That looks like something out of the 1960s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.


That also looks like the reason I live ‘up north’! :scared:

How could you take your eyes off the 'gator long enough to sail your footy Mike!?


The toughest part was setting down the transmitter to pick up the camera.

The alligator never made a threatening move, but he would reorient himself to keep the Footy in sight at all times. This was as close as I sailed to him… Wouldn’t want to make him feel threatened.

Mike Biggs

I’ve kayaked down the hillsborough River in Tampa, FL, where you see 'gators in the woods and by the water. If you get too close, they run off!