Crew or not?

Should I purchase and place scale crewmembers on my 1/24 scale ship, how many and where?

(The manufacturer has 10 different sailors to choose from.)


  1. look great


  1. cost about $10.00 apiece
  2. add weight
  3. more stuff to get rigging tangled in

What do you think?

Always choose the lesser of the two weevils!

Personal opinion here, but I don’t like the look of people on any model. I think it’s because real people move and model people don’t. Every time you look at your model the people are doing the same thing.I agree with you about the minus’,so from my point of view that is 4 minus’ and no pluses. That makes my vote no, but don’t let me sway your opinion. My other hobby is bonsai and in a lot of competitions you lose points if you have figurines(called mudmen in bonsai)included in your display.

Vancouver Island