creases in Dacron Polyester sails

How do I get creases/folds out of my Dacron-polyester sails? I’m now making a sail carrier for the next set but would like to try and save these. They are standard Victor sails for a Soling 1m and less than a year old. Got many folds/creases from carrying in the truck and car. They probably hurt performance in lighter air but mostly look awful. Any help would be appreciated.

One of the methods I have seen mentioned is to hang the sails (without booms) upside down in a warm area for a few days. The weight of the sail will gradually pull the wrinkles out.

Another mentioned using a cool iron with the sail covered by a sheet of paper. This method is very risky of course… use it at your peril


As a child, I saw Grandma ironing wrinkled polyester clothes, putting up a water wet cotton cloth.
Grandma said it was to not burn the polyester.
It would be a good idea to test first on a piece of old clothes poliiester.

Good luck if you decide to try.

I have had good luck with the low temp iron and moist paper towel. another option would be to put the creased area between two heavy books for a long time… dacron is pretty durable… but will melt and shrink if you use too much heat

an easy sail carrier would be some luan (1/8" ply for skinning doors) and a piano hinge and make an “envelope” of sorts. with 1" spacer to account for the spreader/diamond tubes.

another option would be some cardboard or Coroplast(plastic sign material) and fold to make your envelope. I use the coroplast and to close the envelope I put some velcro around the edge to hold everything closed, and a couple pieces of velcro inside to hold the shrouds and backstay in place. the friction of the mast/booms against the coroplast holds it in place during transport. I have also cur a hol ein the coroplast for the spreaders to stick through wich also helps hold the mast in place.

I generally transport my soling rigged for local events. but for longer drives for overnight events, I take the rig down.