Countdown audio ?

Some time back, I seem to recall a link here to a downloadable file for a countdown timer that could be burned to a CD and used for a start.

I have ordered AMYA’s 2 minute CD, but I would like to find that alternative, if for no other reason than to prove that I have not completely lost it…:confused:

Thanks in advance for any help or pointers.

What are you looking for?

I had one prepared with no ticking, the correct bells, and the spoken prompts. There are others; one on a UK site with some interesting sounds.

Actually, I don’t recall following the link, so I can’t tell you what it sounded like. What you have, no ticking, bells, etc., sounds great, though.:headphone

In big boat regattas, you don’t get all the prompts that some r/c audio tapes for rc sailing have. There’s only a gun/bell/horn/etc. for the warning, preperatory, and start (see E3.5). The intimacy of rc sailing allows for the audio tape to be played, and people like the audible countdown so you don’t have to bother with keeping your own time, though it’s not required by the RRS

IIRC, there’s a Uk recording that’s humorous, as the starting call is HACK!

Did find a downloadable file at MYA (UK) site. Pretty good, but would be interested in your version without the click-track, I think.

Any active link would be appreciated.

I can’t find my copy of the countdown, can someone plase provide a link to the AMYA countdown recording file? :scared:


Very hard to find the link on AMYA now. I downloaded them all sometime ago so if you send me a PM with an email address I would be glad to forward the 1 and 2 minute start tracks and the 5 minute hold.


I would really like to see the audio for the countdown updated to the way the big boats do it without the ticks; for at least until the last 30 seconds.

Starting tape or CD available from AMYA Ship’s Store for $7.00 plus shipping/handling