Corrugated Polypropylene

On the UK MYA webpage, <> there is a link to a pdf file with several designs. In it, Roger Stollery has plans for his Bug 2 which is made from corrugated polypropylene.

Does anyone know where one would find this material in the US?


I’m glad Roger published Bug2. I tried to talk him into that some time ago, but he quite correctly wanted to wait until there was enough experience with it to be confident of its performance.

I looked around town last year for the stuff and came up empty, but I’d like to give it a try, too…any help from some of you USA Footy guys who live in bigger towns than I do?

Bill H

Try local sign shops - also art stores such as Michaels, Dick Blick, or here as example:

In my neck of the woods it is called “COREFLUTE” and used by signmakers.
Checkout your local real estate agents for some of their used signs (free):rolleyes:

You might try an office supply store too. Look at plastic file folders, portfolio cases, and desk free files. Some of those are made of polypropolene. I seem to remember seeing corrugated plastic somewhere like that.

I got a sheet at an arts & craftsstore. I tried to cut some, and since it was so thick (“2mm” stuff is actually about 5mm thick!) I decided to go back to balsa. I also tried to get some big pieces of the foam stuff that you get at the meat counter. They wouldn’t sell me any outright, and I suspect you can’t get any in BIG sheets either.

I’ll go with balsa for hulls, and I think a ‘For Sale’ sign is best for the deck, because it won’t pull up some grain when you pull the hatch tape off.

Hi Doug, when I try to go to the UK site I get page not found?

It worked fine when I copied from the quote in your post and pasted it into my browser.

I’ll keep an eye on the plastic Garage Sale signs( I’m second house from the corner), and after about a week, I figure they don’t want the sign back.

They make nice decks.

Well it’s coming up on election time in our area, all you have do is call someone running for office and they will be glade to put a sign in your yard, all the corrugated polypropylene you want for free.