Cooked up a new one.

Green Manalishi.

She’s quick, goes where I tell it, and is easy to see on the water.

Bad news is I sneek out for a sail, when I should be working. :slight_smile:

Hi Neil

Beautiful looking fit & finish. Tell us a little about the process of painting and graphics? I know I am still in the learning mode.

Is the boat your own design?

Nice work, Frank

Real nice Nigel,very tidy…

Gorgeous! I like the idea of using color for visual acuity.
I suppose this means I need to add “USA” to my sails…:wink: ;-)…?

Once the carbon was fair (clear coat sprayed, then sanded to 400-ish grit), then masked letters / numbers / other to-be raw carbon areas are applied.

Then, white is misted on the the appendages to give a base for the orange, and on the hull as a base for the green. The colours / shark details (bulb) are now misted / tooth-picked over the white, then the whole thing gets clear-coated.

Clear tremclad over the raw carbon first. All colours are Tamiya acrylics air-brushed on next, then layers of Tremclad clear to slick it all up.

Yup, she’s my design.

Ya, Every time I rig a boat,I learn what to change for the next boat. Now all my running gear is getting tidy’er, and less cluttered. The biggest knowledge gained is to have a solid on-switch system. Switches in the past either shorted, broke, corroded-pin-failured, etc. Now it’s just heavy insulated plug-in leads.

Go Canada. Gotta reprezent!

Going to a cottage on the weekend, and I am going to set an Internet course up. I will be late for this month’s Jaunt and Jostle, But I’m just curiouse as to what this boat can do.

I kid yas not. Carp attacked it repeatidly. They don’t do any damage. Ya see yer boat tacking one minute, then a sudden stop (the fish bump), a swirl from the fish, then it’s back to the tack. I fear the cottage waters though. This lake has serious predator fish (big mouth bass, pike, big-muskies). One of those will bite it in half.

I might sneek out Monday morning :devil3:

Thanks for sharing. It looks like you have an artistic background? Oh to be so blessed.

I am very new at this building thing and have just built 2 Footys over last 10 weeks. For switching, I bring three gold plated 0.1" spaced pins 1/4" above the deck (Gnd, Plus. Sys Pwr) for power management.

  1. Turn it on with a very small shorting bar (Plus to Sys Pwr).
  2. Plug in Volt Watch to see Voltage
  3. Plug in the Charger

DANGER - IMPORTANT: There is a danger of shorting Plus to Gnd & having sparks fly,a dead short to the battery :frowning: I strip a 1/2" piece of insulation from scrap wire and slide it over the ground post to prevent shorting. Biggest danger is with a stranger using the boat.

When I get some time on the PC (using smartphone now in bed), I will post some photos.

OK, I give up. What on Earth is “Manalishi”??? Hopefully, it’s not something related to cabbage juice pancakes!!

Happy Yachting - Kip

I named it after a Judas Priest song. It really used to me pumped up when I was in my angst-filled days.

Tsk! Tsk!

Get thee hence young man and get the ORIGINAL AND VERY BEST version by Fleetwood Mac, when they were a serious all male combo.

Wind up the volume and appreciate that Judas Priest are pale imitators.:smiley:


I’m well aware of the originators, and the perspective-based, personal taste-judgement, that goes along with music.

Again, one version suited my era of teen angst, much much better. :devil3: