Constuction of my USOM

Well i have alot of photos and hope to soon have more! For now I stuck them on website, hopefully no one will have trouble accessing it. If so I may ask a friend to give me some webspace to post pics.

here are the pics

Photo only up to the point of fiberglassing, i havne’t done anything else beyond that!


Nice! Looks great.

How did you look at them? It wants a user name and password.

You have to create a username and password, at least I did.

Yes you have to create an account to access these photos… I will be changing this eventually…

In the meantime I added two more photos of me microballoning the hull… Its a sloppy job and is going to require alot of work when it dries… I just didn’t have enough time with the epoxy before it started to gel, even with the slow hardner.

You may want to consider posting your images at a place like Imageshack:
It’s user friendly & others won’t have to sign on to gain access. I for one, really resist giving out my edress etc if I don’t have to, so something like this won’t be seen (by me at least).

I will be changing servers as soon as i get a friend to host for me… should be early next week, else i will move elsewhere


I enjoyed your photos on Snapfish. I uploaded some EC12 shots of my own but cannot figure out how to share with people other than someone I would notify by email thru the Snapfish site. How were you able to share your album with “everyone?”

Thank you,

I went ino the photo album i wanted to share and then copy and pasted the url from the address bar into the forum.