Connection Problems?

I have been having some major problems getting connected to this forum over the last few days.:sleep1:
I checked with Laurent (Wis) who advised he also had concerns and had contacted Chad.
I got back on just now so hope all is OK again.:ihat:

Man I miss it when I can`t get my daily fix of all you buggers.:headache:

Luv ya lots.:smgreen:

Not sure “all is well” - as I got an error message aboout an “illegal header in my reply” - so I copied reply, back-arrowed out of it, then selected “reply” and pasted the saved post - and it worked fine.

Perhaps it is just me, and I understand there could be costs involved between a commercial site and a free hosting one, but for some reason this site seems to have more downtime than some of the other discussion sites. It happens, and seems to take quite a while to remedy - then goes along well for a period of time and then suddenly, one post works and the next you can’t log on. Strange for sure.

Yeah I havent been to happy with this hosting company. I think everything is back up. Really not sure what happened over the weekend. They told me it had something to do with the dns of the database. I think I am still on a Server 2000 machine.

Ok, we ARe MovIng to a new HOst! Going to move and try a Linux host instead of windows.

Whew! I thot it was a personal problem! Thanks for all of your efforts Chad!

we should ask the Ed to have our own little forum on SA :censored::Gnasher::diablo::diablo: