Congratulations E Team NZ...

…on the close victory over Luna Rosa!!! The “Italian” boat came on strong in the final downwind leg, and came across the line only 22 seconds behind TNZ. I just happened to flip the TV on & caught a delayed version of the last 3 legs of the race. After what happened in 2003, the Kiwis must feel a bit vindicated.

Watch out Alinghi!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

YES!Well done guys. :zbeer:
I would venture to say that no one expected the 5- zip score line which was achieved.:turtle:

Funniest quote I heard was from commentator Peter Montgomery when describing the task before Luna Rosa when they were 4 down, “like trying to climb Mt Everest, backwards, in thongs” (flip flops, jandels) man that guy has some great sayings.
A couple of days rest and to get over the hangover and then back to work.:drunk:
Now where are those Swiss fella`s? :boxing:

Yep! Hats off to TNZ, but it was a great race today. Been watching the races everyday ever since Versus started broadcasting them at 5:30 AM. Even the wife has been watching and she never has seen a sailboat race! She just loves Peter Montgomery for his little quips! I have to admit that I was sort of rooting for the underdogs, just so the races would continue:) But, then, if the TNZ wins the cup, I’ll have another excuse to go visit the Kiwi side of my family in a few years