Compression Vangs

This is a question pertaining to my one meter design, so I guess it is directed mainly at the one meter sailors. Others who have played around with this are welcome to provide advice as well.

I’m considering using this compression vang on my US1M boat:

It does not hold the boom up, only pushes down so it acts much like a standard vang in that regard.

Given the 1" roach on the bottom of the sail, using this vang would set the center of the boom lower than a standard vang and allow me to lower my tack closer to the gooseneck and also keep my clew close to the boom to give me better control of the sail shape.

So my question is, has anyone tried this vang? Would anyone recommend it over a standard vang? Would anyone recommend against it?

My carbon tubes for the spars are due to arrive in a few days. I have not purchased my sails yet, but plan to do so early next week. So I will need to be buying these rigging bits in the next week or so…

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Will Gorgen

thats the way i’m doing my boom setup on my us1m later this year… i like the idea ntm it just looks slick. i just think it would adjust the sail better.

i love tinkering with these boats it takes up time i’m sure my girfreind is going to hate it soon

Here’s some photos of the vang I have made for my F100.

The boom is a hollow rectangluar carbon fibre section, moulded on a 25 x 6 mm ali flat bar tapered to 20 mm at outboard end.
The gooseneck is a modiflied Sailtec unit, cut in half to get a overall lenght of 100mm. The gap in the middle allows the mainsail clew slug to slide in the extruded hole of the mast attachment.
The wishbone is carbon tow moulded in a 5 mm silcone tube (thanks Doug for his information) fitted with prepreg cabon plates bonded to the wishbone ends.
Inside the boom I have a sliding uhmwpe block to which the wishbone is attached to, the rigging screw is a Sailtec compression vang fitting modiflied to be single thread only which is fixed to the sliding block. The other end of the rigging screw(is modiflied by fixing a M3 threaded rod in it) is attached to a fixed block but allowed to turn inside the boom near the gooseneck.

Download Attachment: DSC01235.JPG

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Download Attachment: DSC01237.JPG

John B