Composition Challanges.

Chad, I had it going great yesterday but today it has gone quite strange. I am talking about typing a reply. I reset my preferences to allow a WYSIWUG format which gave me access to different fonts, size, colour,…sorry color, and the smilies worked great. Today nothing,…ziltch,…nada. Also the exclamation marks come up on the posting as " exclame" Help please. You have experience of my technical skill,not.

Must be the update…:devil3:

I’m Having a similar issue.

Doesn’t recognize carriage returns to break apart different thoughts within a thread.

Please put us back to the old board - or is there a place the updates can be done and tested before going live?

there used to be… :bag:

Yes, I do test the updates… But lately I am in an apartment and my uploading has been going haywire.

Testing exlamation mark !

Testing carriage returns



Carriage Returns working…check
!!! … check

links … check

Smilies …
Smilies … check

ok I uploaded the files again… this area seems to be working… though my admin panel is still messed up. So I assume there is still a bug running around here.

Chad, great mate it`s all working well now.

Well done…:heart:

Well I have just found that any smilie that starts with the letter P is a problem for me?