Comparing the Footy to... ?

I a 1M boat is like a scaled down 39 footer, what would you compare the Footy to, a 14-foot dinghy? I think the LaJabless reminds me of a Force-5.


Please enlighten me. How does a 1 m boat resemple a scaled down 39 footer, 45 footer, or - for that matter - a scaled up Footy?

Many of the 1 metres are designed to look like 12 metre yachts. It’s more than 10 metres LOA, but I just like the size and maneuverability of a 13 metre (40 foot) boat.

I’m not implying that a Footy looks like a 1M, but what kind of bigger boat would you compare it to? The closest thing I can think of is some kind of dinghy.

The idea came up last weekend when we were trying to calculate the scale speed. at 1/10th sale, a 1M going 4kph would be like a 10M boat going 40 kph (25 MPH)

  1. Generally a 1 metre has light displacement, more or less barrelel shaped sections, no overhangs, a smooth run ft, dep draft and bulb keel.
    A typical 12 R has heavy displacement, deep-V sctions, long overhangs, a bustloid afterbody (or full keel), shallow draft and a fairly long winged keel. - in fact the EC12 plug was the tank modl for the unsuccessful Morgan designed 12 metre Heritage.

Ned we g on - and on, and on?


Just look at the Model Yachting issue devoted to the Footy, and find two footy’s that look the same and were not built from the same plan, kit or moulded hull.

I think the spectrum of boat shapes and sail plans exhibited by the footy makes it impossible to describe what “it” might be similar to.

About all you can say is that it is a sailboat of some sort. (or many sorts)

Mine looks a bit like a high performance dinghy with a deep fixed keel. That’s probably because I spent a lot of time sailing thistles and helped rebuild and sail an International 14. Mine has hard chines, but you can see the origin.


I agree with Pete.

It seems that Angus thinks I am assuming that ALL Footies are to be scaled on ONE style of larger boat, which is an incorrect assumption. Each different design of Footy ( hull and rig) is inspired by a different boat and rig, so the scale factors would vary accordingly and vastly, from an 8-foot pram, to a 12M yacht.

The keel & fin aren’t even considered except for appearance, because the size of those parts are required to make the boat functional, and are obviously out-of-scale. Try scaling the 8 oz (.23kg) bulb to that of an IACC yacht (25m LOA, and 19000 kg bulb).

My LaJabless hull makes me think of the AMF Sunfish, at 14 feet (4.2m) but with a much larger freeboard.


WOW, I never thought of that, they’re almost identical…except for…

Photo credit Nigel Heron

Well, what do you think of when you see a LaJabless? I call it as I see it. My opinion was right on.

And it’s Nigel Heron, btw.

I am not suggesting anything of the sort. Iam merely pointing out that there is very little resemblence, aesthetic or otherwise, between any 1 metre I have seen (IOM, ODOM or USOM) and a 12 metre. I suppos they both float (usually).

i suspct thet you believe that a scaled up Footy cannot expect to match an IACC yacht in terms of ballast. In reality the scaled up bulb of the Footy would weigh around 131,000 kg. Even scaled up to 4 metres, the bulb weight comes out at 1122 lbs. I should imagine that this woukd squash your dinghy launching trolley pretty effectively and have rather a different character from your Sunfish.

The discussion is poibtless: people claim that things are different with Foootys ate ‘different becaus they are so small’. To som extent this is true: the rules of physics are not suspended but the scale factors are generally so extreme tha all elastic tap measures should b consigned to the nethermost pit.:zbeer::devil3::graduate:

Yeah baby, here we go round again … :scared:

That’s fine, but that is exactly the problem with this thread. The opinions being voiced are totally subjective with no substantive factual content, so I just don’t see what purpose is being served. How a narrow, unballasted, hard chined, lateen rigged, centerboard dinghy has any similarity to Nigel’s beautiful creation is beyond me, but that’s just my opinion. I seem to recall from early threads (correct me if I’m wrong, Nigel) that he was originally “inspired” by hullforms of the Open 60 Class, which can be seen in the wide, open transom & flat aft sections. I wonder what he thinks of his design being compared to a Sunfish? And what became of your Force 5 comparison?

So to bring the discussion full circle (and the point of total absurdity I must add), perhaps we should voice our opinions about what the Sunfish & Open 60 have in common.

Bill - It would ease your blood pressure to avoid getting mired in useless discourse on silly threads like this one. Save your voice for occasions when we can all benefit from your insights, like your astute commentary and experimentation with McRigs, et al.

Nigel Heron is a Swordfish?..WHAT?..:stuck_out_tongue:

Eh gang :). Twas mini transats that inspired me. After my small part in Derek’s boat, I sill had some build in me. So, I started carving.

I thought a sunfish was something else up until now. :wink:

Oh Tmark, picked up marker supplies today (twine, weights, plastic bottles), for Monday.

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