Comments on Spektrum DX6 radio ????

I have been watching this technology for a while now, and noticed recently, that a 6ch version is now available.

I haven?t seen a lot on the net about it, but I did find this review about using it in a Victoria.

and another similar (thanks Nick)

anyone tested one of these, or own one?

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Great, I too was thinking about one of these. Could not think of any reason why ot would not work with a boat.

The fact that it is compatable with Futaba is great, will order one from Horizon shortly.

Don’t rush into this buy too quickly. Call the people at Horizon and even the manufactuer. Also check the IOM sites for extensive discussions on this issue. Basically, there seems to be issues about Spectra working around boats particularly in terms of range. Some people have modified the antennas and this seems to help. There are also rumors of a further revised system that will work for boats. Basically, though, if you have a good current transmitter and a group of cyrstals (or a synth module) its probably still too early to buy into Speckra.

Is this the same technology that uses the concept of cell phone Tx/Rx to lock on to an open channel?

yep it’s the same technology. If memory serves this is the company that developed the technology.

seems like certain materials cause a problem by cutting off line of sight communication between the tx and rx.

This technology seems to be the future, the question is it time to jump on the band wagon.

Dan, I think you’ve got it exactly right. Given the people involved in the Specktrum project its hard not to think that they won’t get it right in the future. I think early 2006 is still probably not the right time to buy into this system expecially if you already have decent equipment.

And don’t look to the internet for too much guidance on this issue. A lot of the posts are people just expressing their opinions and who haven’t used the Spektrum system in the r/c boating environment. Remember, usually airplanes are flown one at a time and straight overhead and cars are on tracks that are at relatively close range. Boats tend to sail/race in groups over water and distances are almost always greater than cars. I have also seen and talked to Spektrum system owners who have had no problems in one venue and range and glitch problems in others.

A few r/c boating people have a track record with Spektrum and are good sources of advice. Rob Guyatt (maker of RMG winches) has probably the best technical knowledge. Also Anders Wallin (International IOM Class Information Officer) and Steve Landeau (US IOM Class Secretary) have had experience racing with the Spektrum in a number of venues.

All in all, I expect to at some to point purchase a Spektrum system as it does seem to be the wave of the future. But as Dan suggested, its still a little early for r/c sailing.

from the IOM forum