<center>COMING SOON … to the Midwest plains, a historic first for the new century!</center>

Plans are beginning to take shape for the first planned US multihull regatta of the new century. I am going to be working with Ian Sammis and a few of his local club members to see if we can pull together a multihull regatta for some time next summer.

I am donating two (2) trophies like the one shown above - one for each class — MultiONE and F-48 — to become the class traveling trophies with winners names added each year.

I would envision (depending on comittment of owners) that both classes would be raced together with separate scoring for each class. We have a long way to go yet in our planning, but want to get the word out to those with multihulls ready to go - or to those who have been sitting on the fence trying to decide.

General location will be the central Midwest of the USA (perhaps Kansas, Missouri, Iowa or ???) depending on local club volunteers and schedules that are available.

More info to come - but if you are building - or thinking of building at least you know about what we are planning. The first event may be small - but it is our first step toward US AMYA classes that offer the multihull experience. Please watch for further announcements as they become available. We will give our efforts to holding a great event - but we will need participants.

<center>Won’t you plan to join us?</center>


The Air Capitol Model Sailing Club here in Wichita would be happy to host the regatta. SOunds like a great idea to me.


Air Capitol Model Sailing Club