Colin Archer

Has anyone come across plans for this boat? I know Billings make an ABS version, but I want to build a plank/frame one. Any pointers gratefully accepted. Thanks

i have the larger billings kit on my workstation right now… abs hull have all the cabin details constructed jutsneed to finalize the interior before I start decking…

been stalled on building. got all the electronics, batts, ballast,…juts been distracted by the EC 12

Right - I’ve made a start on this project and I’m going to be looking for advice all the way.

I’ve bought a 606 Billings Colin Archer kit, taken the lines off it and blown them up by 200%, the object being to make a frame and plank sailing model around 72cm LOA (excluding bowsprit). The bulkheads and the keel will be cut down to make internal space for the controls but the inside of each hull half will be fibreglassed to compensate.

In the 606 kit, the bulkheads are in 3mm ply, the keel is 2mm and the deck 1mm. Would it make sense to simply double these thicknesses?

The 606 scantlings are 1.75 x 5.4mm - would 3mm x 10mm sound reasonable for a 72cm model?

Thanks in advance.

you’ll have to keep us informed with pics as you progress…

Herewith some pics as requested.

1/ Bulkhead plans enlarged 200% on A3 size paper.

I just cut the paper shapes out, pritt-stuck them on to two sheets of ply (double-sided stickied together) then bandsawed and sanded to shape.

2/ Keel, deck, rudder and bulwark plans on A1 paper. (72cm LOA.)

3/ Bulkheads hollowed out to make ribs. (Is the collective noun for ribs a ‘chest’?)

4/ Trial fit of ribs into cut-down keel.

I’m going for spruce planking - 3mm x 10mm if it steams round the shape nicely - and planning to use Rustins Clear Plastic coating on the outside of the hull.

The seed of this project came from David Petts’ article on converting the Billings 606 to an r/c sailing model (kindly copied to me by ‘Longshanks’). I think I’m going to follow Petts’ idea of adding a metal keel below - I could possibly fix lead flashing to it to get the ballast down as low as possible.

The original rig is gaff ketch but I’m leaning towards shifting the mast slightly aft and going for topsail gaff cutter so three sail winches and a rudder servo. I sound as though I know what I’m doing, tossing in these phrases but this is my first model and I’ve never r/c controlled anything except a TV.

It all seems to be jollying along quite nicely atm - I’ll update again in due course.